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03 February 2007

~Semenjak Kita Berpisah~

3rd February 2007 marks the day when we pull down the curtains of 57 Stoddart House and shut its windows for good :: Finally, our life in Stoddart House is put to an end :: Here & NOW :: It was a good start when we first came here :: But things changed by days :: The ups and downs whilst residenting in this house will be with us for eternity ::

The story of our lives in Stoddart House qualifies for more than just an Award Winning telenovela :: Living in a 2-month long an ICE AGE without a proper heating system :: No hot water means the need to boil the ancient way just to take a bath :: Dramas & Dilemas rehearsed daily - forced to take part in it!! :: Gagak Bergegak Gempita :: Shouting and crashing plates be the music of our ears :: Word vomit be the lyrics of our songs :: Life as Mad as a Hatter!!

Nevertheless, the sweetest memories will always prevail above our dark moments :: Splendid housemates bonded for life :: Ramadhan in Qatari mosque :: Salam Perantau together gether :: Eid celebration with Rizal & Airil :: Housewarming with juniors and colleagues :: Wan Zul's birthday bash - Korean Traditional Song by our beloved Kyung Hee Her :: New Year's Eve with Jepa & da gang :: Many many more to list!!

For what is worth, Stoddart House has paved a history in my life :: A story which can never be re-told only by words :: The story of the most horrific and yet splendid moments in London :: The story of the Fabulous Housemates :: Ihab, Wan & Bijan ::

Should all acquaintance be forgot.. .. ..
Am gonna miss you SOO DEEPLY BIJAN!!

Though our days in 57 Stoddart House were tough, thankfully, the finale was a blast!! :: A week full of sharings and huggings :: A week full of sweet memories :: A WEEK TO REMEMBER - FOREVER!!

Greatest appreciation to our Honourable Guests -Mirul, Wan Zu, & Argen - who had made our final days in Stoddart House terrific, superb and joyous!!

Even though we have met for dozens of times :: those days when you were here :: it was something extra special :: With your smiles and laughters :: With your fatwas and tazkirahs :: With your will to share with us your everything - ya story, ya life, YA SELF!! You light the room of Stoddart House with glittering moments!!

& even though we have just met for once but too-short-a-time back then :: those days when you were here :: the connection between us blooms like flowers in spring times :: and the flourishing fragrants of our relationship - it smells just soooo nice - as nice as the PERFUMES you bought for us before you came here!! THANK YOU hehe

& even though we havent lay our eyes on each other before - NOT EVEN ONCE :: those days when you were here :: it felt like we've known each other for YEARS - put it in a 10-year limit plz hehe :: The hugs and cuddles are so brotherly that I wish you would be with us for more than a lifetime!!

The night we made the pasta salad & chicken grill together...

Specially initiated by our beloved Mr Argen...

Who then took the whole lot of foods just for himself!! (haha - joking!)

But in the end, shared the foods together with us - full of love and passion...

And the night Wan Zu cooked his Chicken Curry for us...

And we ate them all together gether...

After which we watched a sensational movies also together gether... Tp sbb sumer kantuks, maka citer berenti setengah jalan haha

The point is, you made our last days in Stoddart House a memorable ones..

And we appreciate you guys accompanying us to the walk which we will always remember..

Yet again, most things weren't built to last..

Should all acquaintance be forgot... You dears will however still be in my heart - ALWAYS

And so will the memories of 57 Stoddart House, Meadow Road, SW8 1ND, Oval, London, United Kingdom...

Special thanks to none other than my beloved Syazwan Hilton, for without his camera, I wont be able to capture my last moments in 57 Stoddart House :: Thanx Wenkt!!

p/s: also sorry for not being able to meet you whilst you were in London - takpe, kita gi Satay House sama2 nanti wokey? hehe

When The Beginning
Meets The End

Semenjak Kita Berpisah
by Noraniza Idris

Semenjak Kita Berpisah
Hatiku Menanggung Rindu
Padamu Kasih Tertumpah
Menjadi Kenangan Di Dalam Jiwaku

Tapi Tetap Ku Berdoa
Pada Tuhan Masa Esa
Hidupmu Berbahagia
Di Sepanjanglah Masa

Tapi Tetap Ku Berseru
Semoga Bahagia Hidupmu
Ku Tinggal Meratap Diri
Bilakah Kasih Kembali

Tetapi Wahai Kekasih
Apa Yang Hendak Ku Kata
Kini Kau Jauh Di Mata
Menjadi Ingatan Dan Rintihan Sukma

As much as I love you, I'll miss you even more..

Mohammad Ihab Ismail
Owner of A-N-I

Moving out of 57 Stoddart House, Meadow Road, SW8 1ND, London
to 44 Mandela Street, SW9 6EL, London


Anonymous minci said...

first... oii..wish natrah bday cepat... dia kat bristol by the way...

9:07 am  
Blogger ZackIdris said...

Dear Ihab,

Its so nice of u allocating us part in ur blog.S for dat we felt very much appreciated and honoured.thanks dear ihab. for everything u have shown and given.we cherish every single moments it went thru,seal in our hearts,locked up in the minds may da memories be with us forever.

perhaps auld lang syne isnt be best to affliate our last day as we DEFINITE will meet up soon. God knows when. i suggest,if i may, da song 'we go together' by grease shud be da song for us. catchy and full of fun.

take care n be nice


zackidris @ wanzue

3:15 pm  
Blogger w√©nkt said...

haha ihab.. aku baru baca entry ko yg ini.. Pada 4 feb.. haha.. wah.. jumpa dgn Wan Zu yg Manchester tu... dan juga mirul .. oh.. ok...

aku terlalu busy dgn restoran skrg ni... tau tau laa, tambah2 aku ni bukan warganegara sini, terpaksa la membusykan diri buat semua benda sendiri...

harap semuanya berjalan lancar.. insyaAllah

8:39 am  
Anonymous mirul said...


WAH TERHARU NIEH!!!! Terkial kial aku menaip dgn keyboard kt brussels yg susah hanjeng ni - keyboard french! Why does the french hv to make everything different and not ordinary?

Aku appreciate giler giler giler kob nyer special dedication nieh! Tapi malangnyer aku tak leh spend masa lama sgt dlm blog nieh, nk kena reply mail.. THANKS A MILLION for all the hospitality and the warm company that all of you had provided when I was in London - JazakAllahukhairan ...

Semoga kita akan WAJIB berjumpa lagi di in the near future! Entah2 gathering kat Malaysia pulak kot? I'm definitely UP for that!

Other than that, aku kena blah dah ni .. nanti bila aku sampai Simferopol aku buat Special Entry jugak khas utk korang deh!!!

Miss you guys a lot - Wan Zue, Argen, Wan and of course the best host there is in London - Ihab!

1:58 pm  
Blogger ZackIdris said...

Ihab n others of Stoddart House weekends-visitors,

At last, we heard sumting from Mirul and feel relieve he is sound still and safe. It seems to me,everyone in da house is expressing our thoughtful appreciation to ihab for wat he has done particularly his remarks in A-N-I.Kudos Ihab.

I must say unabashedly I am so touched by ur effort.My eyes were brimming in tears reminiscing da gud-ol-days we have been thru.How I wish we cud turn back da time n make from da start.

quoting Ihab "As much as I love you, I'll miss you even more" (specially dedicated to Ihab,Wanzul,Rgen,n Mirul-no matter where u are,U always have a place to stay in Manchester n in my HEART ... fondly!!)


12:33 pm  
Blogger ZackIdris said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12:33 pm  
Anonymous burnz said...

OH MY GOD dh moved out? terharu la baca! rindunyer kt rumah tu (walaupun aku stay seminggu jerk,haha!)

12:50 am  
Anonymous mirul said...

"My eyes were brimming in tears" - drama nieh si Wan Zue hahaha..

I think I am sooo grateful too that I had found you guys - even though it is very coincidental but I am thankful to God that I had found these great people that I may trust and pour my heart into :)

and burnz - penah stay kat sana jugak? Wahhh rupa2nyer ramai bebeno tetamu pengunjung kat Stoddart House nieh rupanya!

Too bad that we can't meet 'em all eh Wan Zue?

I was thinking that Ihab throws some similar party at his house in Malaysia (or maybe we can just rent out a hall or a hotel room) and call it a STODDART HOUSE PARTY where Ihab invites EVERYONE that had stayed in Stoddart House and everyone is obligatory to tell their favourite part of the house hahaha :) :) :)

*wah wah gaya aku macam aku tuan rumah pulak yer?*

Anways dearest Ihab I'm back safe and sound right here in my quiet room in Simferopol - so if you're wondering just wanna let you know that I had arrived!

Will reply your mail in a while :) Nak mandi dulu busuk masam nihhh 25 hours dlm train!!!!!

10:02 am  
Blogger ZackIdris said...

eh betul tau. xde maknanyerrr nak berdrama2 bagai nih

n thanks 2 u too for allocating ur days in london with us. Had u decided not 2 stay wif ihab, we were not going to meet 4 definite.

yeah too bad

perhaps ihab shud hold a stoddart house alumni for us da visitors.but bear in mind dear mirul, not every1 visiting has da same thought. or shud i say not da same as us expecially u (yg bergegak gempita bagai nih). so da party's invitation shud be shortlisted for those who r really into it.
kesian aku tgk ihab.asyik dok kene bambu jer dari org2 tertentu.huhuhu

and i dun think ihab's residence wud be da option.considering his family n ancestors' reputation.huhuhu.haruslah ikhwah wa akhawat ihab kat mekah tue sentap.dan khalu2 nyer sekali fening(sori lupa khalu dlm jamak ape).watlah kat tempat lain ker.

again welcome home to mirul. please listen take me home country roads by john suits u best.

kind regards,


3:44 pm  
Anonymous mirul said...

hmm... mula2 XXX now dah jadi X yer .. hehe ... adakah itu tandanya semangat utk menaip dah makin kureng adenye? :p

YERP I agree memang Ihab's residence in KL mmg tak sesuai sangat nak bergegak gempita bagai. The last time I went pun the ambience is quite peaceful and friendly.

Well is this an excuse that we might take our party somewhere else? :p

I'm sure Ihab would know best/suggest the place where we would conduct it isn't it?

By the way Argen orang mane? Dia balik Malaysia tak summer ni?

YES I am definitely going to listen to the song - am downloading it NOW before I go to sleep and will listen to it when I wake up from my deep slumber.

It's 5 am in the morn and I can't sleep! Ni mesti sbb dah tido 24 hrs dlm train nieh .. cilakak punyer train ...

*ancestors reputation* matila ancestors pun terkait sekali hahaha...

4:17 am  
Blogger ZackIdris said...

wanzue 2 mirul,

takde enthusiasism n eagerness of replying u folks will never be gone neither faded as i vow not to loose da warmth of our frenship even how long da days will pass.

i believe so. we shud held da party out of ihab's vicinity i.e out of kl.yeah we shud let ihab arrange da venues as he is really looking 4ward 2 da he is kinda experienced 4 dis kinda thing - in a gud way =)

argen is from perlis and he confirms to go back for summer.

i dun see any reason why da train shud be at train yg dicelakakan?or izzit cuz onar yg ko bawak menyebabkan korang x leh tdo.tau2laa kan..

no further comment 2 'ancerstors reputation'.


12:41 am  
Anonymous mirul said...

omg onar sebab diri membuatkan takleh tido katanyer! well no comments from me because it's only a dealing between me and the Creator adanya mueskeskes...

other than that, YES ihab had agreed in his other blog that he said his house can be a venue - tak tau lah setakat mana kan. and YES i agree with you too that our gegak gempita may disturb the house content. hehe. so might as well kita cari je mana2 venue terdekat in the vincinity of KL jugak.

other than that I miss your jokes!!

*motif (ok) kat bawah tu???*

8:26 am  
Blogger ZackIdris said...

ok lets keep da ball rolling now. im counting on days (months) towards our next gath.
kl wud be superb as loads of things can be done within it. haruslah ko nak menyelamatkan diri ko dari terkantoi dgn parents kan. lol

n i miss ur "aku pun apa lagi terus mengilas lengan dan seraya mengambil wuduk jua .. hehe.."

i must say dats da most hillarious,funny,sentap,zaaaappppp,out of mind statement u have made.

kind regards,

11:03 pm  

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