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16 February 2008

All My Love For You!!

Noraniza Idris
dengan penampilan terbaru imej bertudung

We LOVE you, Kak Ani!!!
Long have I been longing for this day to come..
Finally, a wish came true!!

No matter what happens, know that we will always LOVE you!!

Sayang kami padamu, Kak Ani.. Kasih selama abadi!!
Kami panjatkan doa restu.. Moga Yang Esa merahmati hidupmu..
Melimpahkan segenap berkat.. Mencucurkan seluas nikmat..
Menghiasi kehidupanmu di dunia ini dengan kebahagiaan yg berkekalan hatta ke akhirat..

My Angel.. My Idol..

11 November 2007

~Finals Approaching~

I'd like to express my greatest appreciation to all who have been continuously visiting A-N-I :: I now have but little time left to prepare myself for the MBBS Final Exam :: & for the sake of it, I'll have to stop blogging until time allows me to do so yet again in the far future ::

To GUBUans
I'm not permanently off-blogging :: So by NO means should you ever DELETE me from the GUBUans list! haha :: I'll still try my VERY BEST to visit ya blogs though :: if of course I could spare some time to do that hehe

To mANIra
A-N-I might be put to a halt for quite some time now, but SawoMatang is ON as usual :: So I'll c u guys there for any relevant NIE's updates!

To Other Loyal Visitors
Thank you ever so much for you loyal support :: Am not gonna bother blogging until I am qualified as a doctor :: I therefore will no longer be updating the blog until there's a Dr title in front of my name hehe

& lastly to ALL
I very much desire to finish my MBBS course :: finish University as successfully as did my brother :: I pray may Allah helped me throughout the year :: bless me with the Ilm of His :: & I humbly plead for you to remember me in your Du'a, for the Du'a from another person is indeed very readily maqbool, ensyallah ::

With that note.. I bid you
Ma3as-Salamah wa Ilalliqaa'

12 October 2007

Eidul Fitr 1428H

A-N-I Team would like to wish you
the very BEST wishes on this blessed day of Eid

Minal Aidin Wal Faizin
Kullu Am Wantum Bkhair

Bersama Ria Di Hari Raya